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40. Kumihimo

Kumihimo Basics

Instructor: Fran Hahn                                              Fee: 40 + tax

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Learn 3 styles of Japanese Kumihimo braiding on the Kumihimo disk: round, flat and spiral to use for belts, trim, or necklaces.                                                                                                                                                                                                            Student Supplies: BeadSmith Kumihimo disks, 8 bobbins, fiber from your stash. Disks and bobbins available at Village Wools; scissors, yarn or other fibers from your stash; darning needle; note taking materials; if you wish to add beads, bring a Big Eye needle and #8 beads.

42. Temari A Month!

Instructor: Cathlena Burr                                                    Fee: $35 + tax

Feb 19 Pattern-Trillium

Feb 19 Pattern-Trillium

Section D: Saturday May 10th 1-4:30 pm

Section E: Saturday June 14th 1-4:30 pm

Cathlena will teach the basics of this ancient Chinese and Japanese thread ball. Each month will be a different design. Beautiful geometric designs create these lovely embroidered decorations or ornaments. Please come to class with your Styrofoam ball pre-wound with cheap COTTON sewing thread (quilting cotton is too slippery). Make an appointment with Cathlena to get quick and easy instructions.

Student Supplies: PLEASE PREWIND a 3” Styrofoam ball with 250-300 yard spool of all-purpose sewing thread, 1 spool Gold Rush, ½ oz. each of 3 or more color of 3/2 perle cotton (faster) or 5/2 perle cotton (finer), multicolor ball headed pins, scissors and a chenille needle. All supplies except Styrofoam balls (Michaels, Hobby Lorry) are available at Village Wools

Instructor supplies: marking tools