Color and Dye Classes

Silk Painting Without Gutta

  • Instructor: Marcia Petty Fee: $100 + tax
  • Mat Fee: $25 + tax
  • Section B: Saturday, May 16th 10-5pm with a lunch break

Experience the wonderful world of painting on silk, without using the traditional gutta resist. Based on a method developed and taught by Karen Sistek, painting on sized silk allows on to approach the work in a more direct fashion. The sizing prevents the dye from spreading- with the help of a mixture of sizing, vodka, and alcohol; the dyes can be kept in suspension allowing a longer time to shade and blend. This is a very exciting development in Silk Painting; the effects appear similar watercolor or traditional painting methods. Silk dyes require steam setting to ensure permanence and color fastness. And, steaming makes the colors even more vibrant.

Student Supplies: Wear clothes suitable for dye-work, gloves, note taking materials.

Instructor supplies: fabric, dyes, handout, references, bibliography, and tools-clamps, twine, needle + thread.

Silk Painting As You Like it

  • Instructor: Suzanne Visor
  • Fee: $80 + tax
  • Date: Saturday February 28th 1-5 pm

Newbies, painters, 2-D artists welcome. Explore the basics; learn new techniques, ideas for getting a “ground” on the silk that may inspire your personal design.

Instructor supplies: water based resist and dyes, for use in class.
Student supplies: sketches, ideas from magazines, etc.

The Art of Shibori

  • Instructor: Marcia Petty
  • Fee:$100 + tax
  • Mat. Fee: $25 + tax
  • Date: Saturday March 14th 10-5 pm, with a lunch break

“Shibori” is the Japanese word for a variety of ways of embellishing textiles by shaping cloth and securing it before dyeing. The work comes from the very root shibori, “to wring, squeeze, press”. Although shibori is used to designate a particular group of resist-dyed textiles, the word emphasizes the action performed on the cloth by manipulating the fabric. Rather than treating the cloth as a 2-D surface, with shibori it is given a 3-D form by folding, crumpling, stitching, plaiting, or plucking and twisting. Cloth shaped by these methods is secured in a number of ways, such as binding and knotting. It is the pliancy of a textile and its potential for creating a multitude of shape-resisted designs that the Japanese concept of shibori recognizes and explores. The shibori family of techniques includes numerous resist processes practiced throughout the world.

Student Supplies: Wear clothes suitable for dye-work, gloves, note taking materials.

Instructor supplies: fabric for your project dyes (for use in class), handouts, references/bibliography, Tools for use in class: clamps, twine, needle + thread.

Painted Warps for Cotton, Rayon, and Silk Yarns

  • Instructor: Myra Chang-Thompson Fee:$50 + tax
  • Mat. Fee: $10 + tax
  • Date: Sunday, March 15 10-4pm

Ever wanted to create your own painted warp for a unique and stylish woven piece? This is your chance to create your masterpiece! Using fiber reactive dyes, you will design and paint your “one of a kind” warp. A variety of techniques will be demonstrated for use in the class. Your guide for this adventure in color is Myra Chang-Thompson.

Student supplies: bring a wound warp of cotton, rayon (Tencel too), or silk- being sure to keep your crosses loosely. Wear old clothing; bring an apron, rubber gloves, scissors, note-taking material, 2 plastic bags and your wound and scoured warp (damp is okay!) Advice for warp possibilities is available prior to class.

Fiber Explorations of Color and Value

  • Instructor: Elizabeth Buckley Fee: $70 + tax
  • Mat. Fee: $18 +tax
  • Dates: Saturdays, April 11 & 18 10-12:30pm

This two-session class focuses on how to make color come alive when planning warps, knitted garments, quilting and felt projects, as well as the blending of weft bundles in tapestry. We will examine how color can describe mood and temperature, as well as how colors shift in relationship to each other. Hands-on exercises will include experimenting with the design principles of value, repetition, contrast, and color combinations. Come with questions, projects in-process, and a sense of play! Photo above (page header) is a color play by Elizabeth.

Instructor supplies: papers in color and color tissue papers; reference books, a wide variety of textile samples;

Student supplies: paper, scissors, glue sticks, colored pencils, soft lead for blending (Crayola or Prismacolor), pencil sharpener, yarn needle, examples of work in process

Deconstructed Screen Printing/Direct Printing

  • Instructor: Marcia Petty Fee: $100 + tax
  • Mat Fee: $30
  • Date: Saturday, April 18th 10-5pm with a lunch break

Learn to create beautiful layered textures for wall art, quilt and garment construction, scarves, etc. Whatever you can do with fabric, this class will help you to create attractive, interesting designs.

Student Supplies: Appropriate dress for dye work, gloves and any additional fabric they want to use as this technique is exciting and they may want to have more on hand than I supply; Note taking materials.

Instructor supplies: Dyes, fabrics, printing surfaces. I will loan students the silk screens they’ll need for the class and teach how to make their own

Basic Natural Dyeing

  • Instructor: Denise Davis Fee: $50 + tax
  • Mat. Fee: $10 + tax
  • Date: Saturday June 6th, 10-4pm

We will cover the basic techniques for preparing and dyeing material, extracting the colors for the dye pot, modifying, and overdyes.
Instructor supplies: dyes, yarn and dye notes

Student supplies: Old clothes or apron, rubber gloves, mask, lunch

All That Matters

  • Instructor: Denise Davis Fee: $50 + tax
  • Mat. Fee: $15 + tax
  • Date: Saturday, June 20th 10-4pm

Explore the natural dye, madder, and all the possibilities that it offers! We will use different mordants and assists to achieve at least 25 shades and tones using this natural dye.

Instructor supplies: syllabus, yarns, madder dye

Student supplies: mask, apron/old clothes, rubber gloves