Designing from the cuff

  • Instructor: Anne Hanson, KNITSPOT
  • Designer Fee: $100 + tax
  • Date: Friday, April 10th 10-4:30 pm

Designing off the Cuff (H): Participants will learn how to enhance a favorite basic sock recipe by swapping in textured or lace stitch patterns and choosing appropriate yarns to complete their personal vision. The focus for this class is to add imaginative elements to an existing sock recipe for personal fulfillment and use; sizing and pattern writing will not be covered.
Discussion will include: choosing appropriate yarns and making the best use of yarn types, swatching for better results, considerations for choosing (or inventing) sock-worthy motifs, changes in gauge, choosing appropriate ribbings/edgings.

Student supplies: paper, pen calculator, graph paper, one skein of sock yarn for project work, a variety os sock leftovers in small amounts for experimenting, a variety of sock needles. Additionally, students should bring a book of stitch patterns, and have 4-6 stitch patterns marked as possibilities. Swatching stitch motifs ahead of time is encouraged, but optional.